The microchips in a basic level an electronic part, more explicitly we affirm that it is a coordinated circuit, that is to say, an electronic piece that contains miles or a great amount of transistors in a given moment. The microchip or simply a smaller scale is the piece of a PC designed to develop an imperative to execute projects, which is why it is said to be the brain, the engine and the core of a machine or PC.

The chip is established by registers, a control unit, a number processing reasoning unit (ALU) and, a microchip device, can also be a unit of calculation at the point of drift. It is so imperative that the chip capacity that is currently considers the most persuasive electronic segment in the life of the person, is the most publicized in the world and is the most used in a variety of electronic devices and parts. As well as PC, telephones and tablets. This electronic part is responsible for preparing the addresses coded in the paired numbers, during the procedure of the task, the first point of the law, the word, the page, the page Consequences of that procedure . , this is done in 1 second or less.

The chip uses a logic similar to that used by the focal management unit called the CPU of an advanced PC, and works by executing extremely simple logic activities, for example, including, subtract, increase and partition. That is the reason, it is understood that the chip of a PC is your mind, which is responsible for preparing and executing those fundamental capabilities, in order to have the ability to use the projects that are in it.

The course of action of the association of kilometers and the large number of electronic devices that are not made without a fixed course, that with the final objective that they present, require a specific association, is found on the motherboard and is the supposed connector of the processor. , that was introduced in the board and could not be changed.

Reflections The chip can be recognized by a few conceivable qualities, within the intelligent attributes we can specify the speed with which the processor works, separating the internal speed from the external, we also discover the length of the word that is handled, that is, the amount of bits prepared, as well as the ability to reach the memory and the collection of guides in the dimension of the machines that can be handled. Other normal factors for a chip they are the producer or the organization that created it (Intel, IBM, etc.), the model alluded to by the model, innovation, as well as the clock speed, estimated in Mhz, and transport. width of the internal information, that is, the length of the word in bits.

History of the microchip.The main chip was discovered in 1971, and its creation was done inseparably with the Intel organization, in this sense, it was given to the electronic device named Intel4004, noting that for the date there was no other, for example, the, since he discovered how to join a large number of electronic devices, this was 4 bits and could perform only 60,000 tasks per second , it is given an extraordinary importance since it was the main microchip within the development of the microchip, and it was the first one that showed itself At that moment, the Intel8008 chip arose and, it is not coincidence that it is the double of the past, since it had the double of bits, that is, 8 bits, created in 1979, for use in the work. stations, and could run 200,000 tasks per second.

At this time, there are a variety of chips, among which, there are also some manufacturers, including the Intel Pentium Pro, of the Intel organization, as well as the PowerPC 620 that was Created by three large organizations that appear to be: IBM, Motorola and Apple, we also have the UltraSparc-II from Sun Microsystems and the Alpha 21164A from Digital Equipment Corporation. Each of them has a larger number of transistors than the main chip, they appreciate 5.5; 7, 5.4; and 9.3 million transistors separately.

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