Intelligence on the phone

Cell phone implies advanced mobile phone. After all, the cell phone is an expression of English that is made of the clever words, which deciphers ‘cunning’, and telephone, ‘telephone’. The cell phone, in this sense, is a commercial name used for an idea innovator related to dissemination communications, the coordination of advanced communication and the web in PDA or cell phones.

The cell phone is its predecessor, the computerized telephone, since it offers, in spite of the standard capabilities, how to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, summary of contacts, clock, calendar, agenda, entertainment and so on, a more remarkable network and the possibility of expanding the functionalities of the phone to the taste and the impulse of the client.

In this sense, the cell phone has properties Comparative with the PC (it is composed of equipment and programming, can be associated with the web), so it incorporates a wide variety of projects that are still running within the The frame of work The establishment of these projects, also the services, allows, in addition, to adjust the elements of the telephone to the person.

The absolute capacities are more frequent in cellular telephones are the access to the web and the individual electronic mail, the framework, the GPS, the schedule, the list of contacts, the programs to read the files, the QWERTY console (built-in or material), the block of notes, the camera, the video recorder, etc. in., in spite of the more advanced elements. Subsequently, the cell phone is seen as an advancement of the idea of ​​versatile communication, and the combination of these new capabilities, as indicated by the requirements of current customers, allows us to think about it, rather, as a kind of close to home. Coordinator or compact minicomputer.

Probably the most famous brands of cell phone producers are iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, etc. In addition, they work with frameworks like Android, created by Google; iOS, from Apple; Windows Phone, from Microsoft; BlacBerry OS, for BlackBerry, and so on.Characteristics of a smartphone- Obviously, it allows you to make phone calls.- Supports email and the possibility of association with informal communities.- Has GPS.- Allows the establishment of external projects .- Use any interface for the passage of information, for example, the QWERTY console, the contact screen.- They allow you to enter the Internet with the 4G innovation.- Wireless network, for example, Wi-Fi.- They have an advanced plan , contact executives. – Allow reading records in various arrangements, including PDF files and Microsoft Office documents. – You must have a versatile framework.

In this respect you can associate them all: You must have a versatile framework. In this connection you can interconnect them all: mobile operating systems.- Own external memories such as microSD.- Rear and front camera with numerous megapixels.- Wireless synchronization with different gadgets, for example, work stations or work areas.

With a cell phone , the wait turns out to be more and more anguishing in case you have something to commit yourself with. You can grumble online on Twitter, which does not imply that someone understands it fundamentally.

You can waste time browsing your messages or records while you are on the vehicle or in a taxi.You can visit your colleagues without the need of msn on your work PC.You trust a web association that normally saves you.

If you have the possibility of using it, it can be a great vehicle.On the remote possibility to use Foursquare, you can have a series of tips on where to go and what to do. A cell phone is almost a PC where you can perform numerous online. All data is focused in one place, we do not need to bother with progressive cellular connections.

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