ROM memory functions

ROM is the method to save projects or information that allows the best possible operation of PC or electronic devices through the exploration of data without the annihilated or reprogrammable. The importance of ROM is the “Memory of only read” converted to Spanish.

“Read-only memory”. ROM is known as non-unstable memory because the data it contains can not be erased when the electronic device is removed. The ROM memory is inserted into the motherboard of the “motherboard”, where The fundamental data of the gear, called “Profiles” are found. The most experienced ROM is that MROM stores indestructible information and to update the product or information, it is important to replace the chip, which may not be possible for any other but also for a specialist and a similar manufacturer, with the mechanical advances presented in few projects.

in the ROM memory and that most of them are in the new ROM memories; The read-only memory of programmable erasable memory (EPROM) is a reprogrammable and erasable memory through solid light beams, and the electrically erasable programmable memory only (FLASH EEPROM) can be reprogrammable, erasable and the substance through electrical signals. Since 2007, it is exceptionally difficult to discover gadgets with ROM, and that reprogrammable hardware is increasingly adaptable and efficient.

What is ROM memory for? ROM is vital for the best possible functioning of the PC and the electronic devices, which is turned on, allows the main project, which will cause the start of the entire framework. ROM is used to store firmware programs, ie framework programs, translators of dialects, control programs (turn on the gadget); plan of data tables (tables of numerical use); And different projects that should not be altered or updated forever.

ROM and RAM memory The data contained in the ROM can not be deleted when the PC is removed or when the electrical power is removed, that is why it is called non-unpredictable memory, while the Data contained in RAM or unstable memory can be deleted and can be deleted.

lose all the sense of the address before the possibility that the client does not register the data in the PC, for example: when we write in Word, the data should be avoided. The RAM is faster to read than the ROM, which is The reason why the data contained in the ROM memory is exchanged into the RAM memory. The RAM is irregular access, since the data remains recorded in the electronic device and its fast access is conceivable.

ROM PASEO memory classesThis ROM, called Programmable ROM, whose abbreviation reacts to its name in English, Programmable Recall Memory, can not be customized during the entire procedure of its creation, similar to what happens with alternative memories.

However, the client can program it, but only once. This implies that once it is customized, it can not be altered or deleted. For this situation, the circuits that are scorched are compared with 0 and 1.EPROME In contrast to the past memory, this one, whose name is due to the English abbreviation of Erasable Only Read Memory, offers the possibility that what has been recorded You can eradicate and return to work a few times. To do this, the memory should be presented to a light beam for about 30 minutes. After this, you can recreate the circuits that make up the memory, allowing you to renew it.

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